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Who cares if you cash in on it like meWhat are you going to do, during the Banker's Holiday? Cannot do shit because Market is closedObviously, you have to do something before the Banker's Holiday! Shop! Great Rules: Provide the Bankers all the cash! Banks = commerce. Where else ought to money go within the interim? Bankers are only the Middlemen. Individuals are the Lifeblood from the Economy! I agree but if the bank is illiquid enjoy it was at end of we're all fuckedThat's the Banker's System, listen to Greenspan, when he talks about "Creative Destruction" on Youtube. You need to use your imagination and think about what he says. listen to Barry McGuire sing Eve of DestructionGood Song in the 's by just Barry. I question, what he's performing now! LP, I simply got back from the big road escape went from here to Bend after that la pine then over to Burns then Ontario or maybe. then to pendelton. Stopped on the way and stayed through with friends plus was gonedays. Things not searching good, as we talked with business enterprise friends and maqui berry farmers. Hit snow within the mountains around melts and sisters. Stores (and Target) happen to be jam packed individuals are spending freely (on debit and also credit who knows however they are spending) similar to its a return to, stocks are method up, gas prices are down and could drop to usd by year stop, people interviewed for CNBC said that they're feeling much better using the economy job market and the reporters on CNBC said that people are tired from the frugal, hoarding cash and could just surprised economists by using holiday sales mounting % - % over this past year. But again, stores (and Target that is an acceptable discount store) happen to be jammed that you would think its the very last weekend before the holiday season.


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to be able to Billion annually with unspent gift greeting cards. I haz a property depot card When i keep forgetting to utilize, and I appeared to be just there yesterdayI include $ from Williams-Sonoma Whilst a gift, I cannot bring myself to shell out money in who place. buy a whole new saute' pan... or even a tea kettle... why not give it toof many MoFo women Crazee provided money away. You might give your cards away. I would use a new teas kettle..... Are youof many MoFo women? Simply no.... but could utilize a new kettle anyhow...


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anyone know the best financial industry recruiter? thanks for ones help.... Have you tried.... Have you tried Financial Staffing Resources? They were headquartered Valencia but have expanded the Consequently Cal region. Communicate with Lidieth or Maria any time you Valencia, they're hustlers, arrangement with major house loan firms, and are well-connected. I use to get results for their title/escrow category, Title Temps. I think you can receive FSR info from the TTI website. Choose to move to San Juan Covering? I think WAMU continues hiring (beats the heck out of living in LA). Everyone ^^ONLY GRATIVO IS CERTAINLY MY EQUAL, EVERYTHING ELSE ARE TARDSSTFU E cannery furniture old cannery furniture old ric or Eric's faggy serf. which bitch you usually are. Hi emichels! ^^TARD SCUM IN NO WAY MY EQUALEric's landless peasant serf named Cablegrativo stands out as the OCD troll are not on his lousy side or she will stalk you along withyour petsHi DG! ^^TARD PINHEAD SCUM SPORK HELOC HAIRCUTcould turn out to be, he'swithin t miles talbot furniture miles talbot furniture he main trollersHe's definitelyof them He's a cube dweller over the verge of your meltdown MY FELLER US CONSUMERS, THIS IS DUBYA YOU'LL FIND THE BIG MAJOR DEPRESSION. I URGE YOU ALL IN STORE SAMS AND REFILL ON CANNED GOODS CAWSE THEM GAS PRICEZ ARE GONNA GO UP EVEN FURTHER. MY BEST GOOD BUDDY COCK SAID SO. I MYSELF DISMISSED MY LIMO PERSON CAWSE HE LAUGHED AND SAID WHAT A PRICK I AM AND HOW RELATING TO SOCKED IT TO THE MIDDLE CLASS LEVY PAYER. WELL I just CONFESS, I HAVE BEEN A BIT STOOPID NOW AND THEN, HOWEVER, AS YUR PREZIDENT, I BEGIN LEAVING THIS CUNTRY IN ANY BIG OLE MESS FER THE NEXT GUY OR LADY. AND I HEREBY SUPPORT wwwwwwwwwww"MILITARY BUTT BOY" MCCAIN. erection dysfunction I think financials are oversold today so I sewing skate dresses sewing skate dresses loaded standing on UYG, to catch this quick term bounce. I was tempted going with FAS but chickened out. Like me luck.


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Needing to find investors We are a clothing custom made and manufacturer. I am seeking out investors or any investor to lunch a new line of bridesmaid and formal wear and also activewear. The outlines are both rather creative and appealing. If you and someone you know knows any investors please well then, i'll know. Of course, I am willing to pay a finders bill. Thanks! Maybe lunch a whole new launch! oil rig work does any justknow anything around oil rig tasks in ND? you happen to be still interested soon after bp? The oil patch will be the oil patch, irregardless of where you're. You will move around with the rig, as well as from rig to rig or with company to enterprise. Noodle around with regard to oil drilling corporations in ND and / or neighboring states or maybe Alberta. They are definitely drilling in this region. Looking for high-traffic shuttle bus. to network with I am seeking a local business with great volumes of people to network along with for contests and also product give aways. I want to donate programs and materials to become given away pictures local business! The best way to attract attention for the current customers in addition to keep them coming back to win per week. Looking forward to working with you: ) !! People in the usa need jobs!!!!! Flames the undocumented workers!!! hell no So i'm not racist if a an employer using undocumented workers when you will find so many americans that require jobs its treason!!! Its a giant unarmed take finished and downfall connected with america for income!!!!! men and women died to protect the rights and freedoms I suggest people start utilizing the rights before we all lose the liberties!!!! Why don't people understand this????? reply to this unique post rate hole He rightfully is receiving deferred compensation < rumhandL > Particularly a pension. if he was paid a higher price during realtime recruitment and invested which will added income wisely can you resent his increase?


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Assange may be a hero. Red - Yes. Green - No. He is not hero nor villainNone from the leaks have definitely been that beneficial Even the Iraq gunship online video was plausible because among the many people in a group was taking an RPG. obviously theyve been adequate to cause an upMedia creating a bigger deal than it can be "BREAKING NEWS" is more effective for ratingsThey had been carrying a cameras There is in fact no video which might be published that people today would find shocking because there's always a method to spin it. And absolutely nothing anyone could declare that "is shocking" because everyone can generally say "we always knew that anyway" I am reading a fascinating book on ways people convince themselves they are simply right whichever the evidence in the contrary. People believe what they need because they might be remain comforable. And love to get what they are simply supposed to imagine from "authority figures". And only associate with individuals who agree with these folks. And they only check out evidence that holds up their belief models. But that's not likely shocking, is this? Because we usually knew that in any event.


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PartyDude a employer? If so, what skills usually are IT companies in search of. ThanksYes, I are If I were inside shoes of the extremely techniy inclined, We would take classes, lessons, certifications in a lot of the hard core things like PeopleSoft, Siebel, Hummingbird, Broadvision, Genio, Vantive, Vignette, and many others. No matter what the economy will be, these technolgies really are ALWAYS in-demand. The $I thought those people were all would you tell I'm not to be had? or the alternate band scene... Where is best place to advertize my COOKING? Thanks everybody with the advices I am a professional cook and what I truly do is I prepare a meal healthy/tasty/diets etc meals at my clients houses Thanks for anything that you recommend Have got a great nightIn this Services section.... perhpas within both Household in addition to Creative Services. But you'll want to write a nicer ad than genital herpes virus treatments wrote here. Perform serach for personal chefs or getting somebody to cook in teh services section and discover get some choices. Good luck. CNN: Would be the recession over? I truly do not think and so. Where is this beef? Propaganda solely. Jobs are along. Business is a faiytale. Employers are cutting "benefits" towards bone offering exclusively part-time or staffing careers. Banks are paying out near zero interest on savings. Real estate investment values are all the way down by about % as opposed toyears gone by. If a military conflict will become in Iran or Korea the many bets for an improved situation will be off. The bomb may very well be falling and people wouldn't tell The smoozing abilities get expired I cannot suck up or kiss ass in the course of an interview. You might never get an HOUR OR SO job then... And I'll explain why.... To be in HR you will have to kiss butt non-stop. Over and in excess of. Kissing that very same hairy bosses' butt everyday. But, besides HER ass but every ass that walks on the door!


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A good deal that Social Security is actually a problem is bull crap If my idiotic assed generation thinks they are really not getting them, it will get self fulfilling any shits Wonder who aspires thatI don't really care plainly get it or possibly not I just want government entities spending and taxation managed. I'll save by myself. a little cancers would wipeout completelyThat's life while in the big city. A small amount of Honda Civic will probably wipe you out completely equally as easily. Let's converse probability. Casinos for reno and nevada going broke coughing up more than they take!!! It's a play mate, it's all of a gamble. And therefore the insurance companies pay back million retirement services to big ex's. Now who knows the percent how do you make macaroni and cheese how do you make macaroni and cheese ages? would you relax and take a gamble now you understand you would burn? Social security works while it has objec live bottoms and ledges gps coordinates live bottoms and ledges gps coordinates tive benchmarks. Disability doesn't do the job, because it lacks objective standards -- so that you get abuse, and additionally failure. Social security works while it works... everyone repays in, everyone may get something out. The software works. Now, other stuff: disability, treatment, medicaid, is all foreclosures abuse. But by having a set age intended for early, for 100 %, and for added benefit -- the diet plan cannot be over used. Although some shady people often eligible which is usually odd like outsiders who never workedyou're way over me. You contain e dude I can't show you Millennials are now and again ed Echo Boomers That you are gen YI don't manage idiotic stuff similar to thatso you unsuccessful math? the shrinking labourforce pays morethat can be all they have without cutshorribleraising retirement higher payroll overtax cap, means evaluating, getting a little more stringent about who is going to get SSso cuts plus much more taxing of the shrinking workforce this really is austerityAt some time the Boomers will probably die off I advocate less medicare to them.


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